Thursday, August 27, 2009

To everything there is a season

... and now is not the season for my patchwork stitching group. Soon after we moved to this lovely small town, I heard of a dedicated group of ladies who meet each Thursday, to stitch, sew, knit, crochet and generally enjoy their mutual craftiness. I have been wanting to find a group like this - and all these ladies are so talented, that you can just sit and soak up their combined knowledge (like osmosis!).

We have been going each Thursday for a couple of months now. I am the only member with kids in tow. I am the only member this side of 60! But to their credit, these ladies have been very accommodating to Ryan and Naomi.

Unfortunately, I have decided not to keep going each week. Naomi's Playgroup also meets on Thursday mornings, so we have been shuttling from one group to the other. Also, as Ryan is growing up he needs more attention and entertainment - he is no longer content to sit in his capsule with a toy to suck on, er, I mean, play with. And heaven help me when he starts crawling!

I am going to miss what Naomi calls "Mummy's Stitching Group". It has been wonderful to feel part of an adult group, and share my craft interests. Some of the beautiful quilts I have seen are very inspiring!

But to everything there is a season (turn, turn, turn). And this is not the season for me to be in a stitching group. Perhaps in a few years, when the kids are in school / kindy. Or perhaps it is just something to look forward to, for when I am a grandmother!

I am trying to be philosophical, and not to be frustrated with having to drop the one thing that I really feel I did that was totally for my own pleasure. Because I would rather have the nice memories, than be frustrated and cranky at the kids every week, and not getting any enjoyment out of it at all.


  1. Hi Sasha - I like the philosophical way you handle this disappointment (turn turn turn)! I've belonged to a sewing group for a year now. That's a year of cosy evenings with friends learning and sharing. But I really couldn't have done it so easily when Ellie was little. Now she's growing and finding her own independence and whilst that's hard for me it does have it's consolations - like more sewing time! Good luck with your 'new season'. Bx

  2. I can imagine why you need to give up your group because I can't imagine taking my children with me to one. There is a crochet group in town, but it's meetings aren't conducive to my attending which stinks. They meet at 6:00 -- suppertime.

    Maybe you'll be able to rejoin the group in another year or two. You never know. Or maybe there is another one that meets in the evening. It's too bad we don't live closer or we could start our own!


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