Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random Friday Thoughts...

What is Vitamin B12, and why isn't Ryan absorbing it? Is this in some way linked to the increased risk of Type 1 diabetes that our kids have? Sigh. This and many other questions will hopefully be answered by the paediatrician next week.


Why won't my adult frame fit into the cubby house that Naomi has built? Perhaps because it is made of a disposable nappy box, a baby blanket and a single child-size plastic chair. Sigh. Guess I will be drinking my pretend cup of tea outside the house.


Am I entirely crazy? This one I can resoundingly answer - YES! I have opened a 2nd Etsy shop!! I am ordering fabric for bags in wholesale quantities, so decided to share the fabricky love, by opening . If you, or anyone you know, wants to feed their own fabric addiction, all are welcome, and more fabric will be listed as soon as my shipments arrive!


Happy 90th Birthday to my Nan!

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