Saturday, September 12, 2009

Small Girl, Big Bike!

Another milestone reached in our little family. The first 'real' bicycle. Sweet Hubby and I discussed it - Naomi's birthday is nearly 5 months away, and we are planning to be away for Christmas. Her little plastic ride-on has been too small for her for a few months now. So we decided to get a new 'bike' now.

As the nearest toy store is in Cairns, over an hour's drive away, Hubby and Naomi took a trip together today, leaving Mamma and Ryan at home for a few hours. We talked about what kind to get - something that was very stable (preferably a tricycle), something with pedals that her feet can easily reach, and with pedals that are very smooth and easy to push down on. Maybe even one of those long handles, so I can push her on it while carrying Ryan.

Instead, she has a big bike, with training wheels that wobble along, pedals that her toes can barely stretch down to and that are very heavy to push along. And no handle. But it is pink, and has ribbon streamers. So Naomi loves it, and Daddy is very proud of himself for getting a bike that his little girl adores.

I very generously offered to go to the chiropractor and pick up a back brace, to help with the pain of all the hours spent bent over pushing the bike along.

Oh, and there is also no helmet. But I think that I will handle the expedition to get that. Who knows what Daddy and Naomi would come back with, if I let them loose on their own again!!


  1. She looks very happy! I've had a few of those discussion with WB and sent him off only to marvel at what he came back with:)

  2. Anything pink and that Daddy buys is wonderful to our little girls, isn't it?!

  3. Yeah, us mum's think of everything and we know what we want! Letting Dad on the loose can be a dangerous thing. At the end of the day, as long as Naomi is happy and she doesn't fall off her bike... It won't take long before she gets the hang of it and you could always tie a broomstick to the back of the bike! *heehee*


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