Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweet Dreams!

I am doing a happy dance today -- Ryan slept through from 7.30pm to 6.30am last night! That is the first time either of my children has ever achieved the 'sleeping through' goal, which I was beginning to think was just a myth!

It is totally unreasonable of me to expect that this might become a regular occurrence, or even "the norm". But I have been working towards it....

* shortening night feeds - slowly down to a 5 minute feed, quick burp and back down in the cot while he is awake.

* using a heater - because Ryan is starting to crawl, he squirms out from under the blanket and was waking up cold. A small fan heater in the corner of his room, which runs intermittently through the night has worked really well for this.

* prayer and more prayer! Actually, I have also been praying for Naomi to start to learn better sleep habits, but so far no joy there. But thank you to the Lord for His goodness!

No doubt I will be back to bleary-eyed tomorrow after getting up to Ryan several times during the night, but it sure is nice to day-dream that this might become a habit!


  1. That first night when you get to sleep the whole night makes you feel like a new woman the next day, doesn't it?

  2. How wonderful. Little One will sometimes sleep for 6 hours straight, but that only happens once and awhile and she's 2 1/2...urgh!

  3. Yeah! Big round of applause for the sleeping little ones! You'd probably forgotten how that felt, huh? Here's to many more full-nights'-sleep ahead :)

  4. Oh hugs and prayers for you Sasha (and yes, sorry for commentin so late). Miss 2 has an occasional bad night and it makes me so grumpy, can't imagine how you do it every night!
    For Ryan, have you tried those baby sleeping bags? They're quite good for kiddies who squirm out of covers). And you can get them in different thicknesses too. You could probably make some!


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