Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh poor neglected little blog...

You are one of my New Year's resolutions... I promise!

I had such a crazy November and December. Many other Etsy sellers talk about the 'holiday rush'. I was gently sceptical.

Well, I rushed! Not huge in volume of sales, but I got a couple of large orders for children's clothes for shops in my local area, and aprons for corporate Christmas gifts... and quite a few handbags, as well as busy busy markets! So, for me, it was a definite rush!

We had a couple of weeks off, visited Brad's parents in Sydney for Christmas, and I am now very enthusiastic to start a new year in life, in love, in my relationship with God, and in my little businesses..... yes, there is another one! Eeek! Ideas just keep popping into my head, and I can't NOT follow them through! Then Brad says... wow, that turned out well... why don't you put it in the 'shop'?!? And so yet another business begins!

Will tell all in the next few weeks... but watch out tomorrow for a great January deal at Sasha Sews!

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  1. I have been wondering what happened to you. I'm glad it was just busy-ness, not a big emergency.


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