Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Raising Boys

I am new at this boy thing. Over the past 3 years I have become an expert at dressing up like a princess, twirling, being a ballerina, adding glitter to every craft project, etc etc.... but Ryan is totally new territory for this Mamma....

Out by the sandpit yesterday, Naomi is making castles for her princess. I sit Ryan (now nearly 10 months!) beside the sandpit, and he reaches in to feel the sand in his hands for the first time. I think ... awwww... cuuuttteeee.... I don't get enough photos of stuff like this. And race inside to get the camera.

When I get back, I am greeted by this sight....

I didn't get a photo of the front view of his jumpsuit, when I eventually picked him up... suffice to say we had an early bath yesterday!!

Is it true? Are boys just naturally messier than girls??!?! His clothes are constantly dirty! Should I just get used to this?!


  1. awwwwwww! gorgeous :D.
    Not sure if you are meant to get used to it/that it's a boy thing... my eldest boy was/is neat & tidy and his little sister is a shocker!! :)

  2. Yes. Get used to it. Boys are attracted to mud. If there's mud they'll find it. :-)

    How lucky are you to be in the sandbox in January? I want to come visit!

  3. He is so gorgeous! I adore boys. They are messy and gross, and uncomplicated and honest.
    I find Samara more difficult, she's way more complex and emotional than the boys are. Invest in some good oxyaction laundry stuff and you'll be right ;)

    Hope you had a good Christmas with the outlaws. Our gifts for you are at Mum's place. You can have them when we give her back!

  4. My son is much messier than his sister, although they both enjoyed eating sand. Sarah Beth will still let us feed her so that she won't get dirty, and she insists on eating her muffins with a fork, even though the rest of us use our hands. Daniel, on the other hand, refuses to let us feed him, and he ends up with food everywhere, in his ears, in his hair, on his neck. He is a MESS!

  5. I'm in shock still after our little man arrived, from having 2 princess girly girls. It's trucks, dirt and noisy at our house now! My girls adore our little man though


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