Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloggy Deliciousness

I love surfing the net for delicious blogs. And particularly blogs that remind me of beautiful places in the world, that I love.

So my first in the Bloggy Deliciousness series is from the beautiful Highlands in the far North of Scotland. Tracey writes about her crofting farm, craftiness, and everyday life, at Cupcakes At Home.

Tracey makes everyday things come to life... but the real treasure of her blog are the beautiful photos - of the Highlands, her animals, and such sweet sweet photos of crafty things.

Incidentally, Tracey also collects vintage and handmade deliciousness to sell in her online shop, Cupcakes Direct.
All of these photos are from the Cupcakes At Home blog - all credit goes to Tracey! I hope you enjoy reading her blog as much as I do!

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