Friday, February 12, 2010

But Why????

You know you have a 3 year old when....... 'Why?' is the response you hear to absolutely anything you say!

Recent conversation -
"I'm hungry, Mummy"
"Yes, dear, we will have lunch soon."
"Why, Mum?"
"Because you are hungry, Naomi"
"Yes, but why?"
"Because the gastro-intestinal acids in your stomach have finished digesting everything you had for breakfast and morning tea, and are now sending hunger impulses to your brain, telling you to eat something."
Dazed look, thinks for a minute....
"Oh. But Why, Mummy?"


I am seriously in need of parenting suggestions.... how do you deal with 'why?'. I am ok to answer it reasonably most of the time, but when it is the response to every single statement! (Daddy says this morning, Naomi I have to go to the toilet. Response 'why, daddy?')

Is there a recommended method of maintaining your sanity for the next year or 2, until this obsession with 'but, why?' passes?


  1. haha cute - not much to offer here but maybe just be patient...(or ignore her?!??!!)

  2. Totally understand the "Why?" phase. Ignoring isn't a good idea - you will be sending the message that curiosity and asking questions is bad. It's not - it's important.

    I finally used the following sort of response when I just couldn't explain it anymore - "Because sometimes things just are and there's no reason for it".

    The other option is instead of trying to explain, ask your child what they think is the reason why.

  3. I've heard experts recommend only allowing your child to ask five questions a day and giving them five cards in the morning. Then when she asks a question, you ask if she really wants that to be one of her questions. When the cards are gone, she can't ask any more questions.

    We don't do that, but I have thought about it. Sarah Beth doesn't ask "why" so much, but she asks questions all the time. "Where did that come from?" "Who bought that?" "Who made that?" It's endless, so I know your frustration!


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