Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Step - Behind Open Doors

What happens behind closed doors is no-one's business, but what is happening behind my open doors is downright scary!

I sweep the living areas and kitchen every day. But it is a "get the crumbs up before Ryan starts eating them" type sweep, rather than in-depth cleaning. I certainly don't get right into corners... or move doors to sweep behind them. It is astounding what collects behind those open doors! Dust bunnies, old tissues, play blocks, kids' pencils... you name it, it's back there!

So our challenge today is to close the doors that usually stay open, and clean in behind them. You don't have to go crazy - just sweep or vacuum, and perhaps swipe any cobwebs that you might see.

You get 1 point for doing doors that need sweeping and 2 points if you go one step further, get the vacuum cleaner out and clean behind doors with carpet, too!

Have fun and DON'T tell me what is going on behind your closed doors - but I would love to hear how many open doors you have Little Step-ped!

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  1. oh..i am ahead on this one...just done this one recently! I also dont have many doors :P


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