Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bathroom Step - Down the sink...

Every morning and evening, I brush my teeth, rinse in the sink and shudder at the sight of the plug hole. Ick... how did it get in such a grimy state? Well, today's the day I change all that!

I am going to pull out the little grid thing (most modern plastic-type bathroom sinks have a removable grate over the drain hole). If you get your finger in and give a sharp tug you will soon know if it will come out. Now be very careful not to drop anything down there, while the grid is out! (Take your rings off before doing this job).

Grab an old toothbrush and give it a good scrub. Then just scrub around the pipe hole as well - just the top, let's not go crazy and clean the whole drain! Return the grid (it should just clip back in), then give the whole sink a quick wipe down with a cloth. Done!

This is worth 1 point for each bathroom sink that you do, and an extra point if you shout yourself a new toothbrush after using your current one to do the cleaning!

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  1. Eww to looking down the plughole Sasha! Actually, my ensuite shower drain is beautifully sparkling clean after hubs de-clogged it with Draino, LOL.


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