Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bathroom Step - Out the Window

We are in the bathroom this week - a room that I sadly neglect far too much. And one of the things that I rarely do in here? Dust. So today the challenge is just to wipe the window sill in your bathroom, and the one in the toilet, and dust any little knick knacks or things that are sitting on them.

Quick and easy - and you can admire the view out the window, while you are there!

And on the subject of quick - here is a quick question for you... do you like the 'one week in each room' format for the Little Steps challenges? Do you have a room or area that you would like to focus on?


  1. Focusing on one room is a great idea. It's so hard with kids underfoot, because I'd be happy just having one really clean room at a time:)

  2. Yes I think it is a great idea to just focus on a little extra nad not be overwhelmed:)


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