Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Step - Make a Mother's Day...

Mums are amazing people. I realise each day, just how amazing my Mum is - to have raised 4 children, while working full time, and now gone on to achieve her dream of studying and qualifying as a Registered Nurse.

But it is in the day to day grind that we can totally lose sight of what an amazing job we are all doing. And all it takes is an acknowledgement, or recognition, by someone else of what it is that we are achieving each day, to make that day special.

I was doing the grocery shopping last week (with my list - although Ryan was enjoying chewing on it, at times), when I noticed another mum, with a little girl about the same age as Naomi. They were choosing something from a shelf. Then she walked back to a double stroller - she also had twin boys, who looked to be about 9 months old. The thought struck me that she faced a far greater challenge in doing something as simple as the shopping, than I did. She can't use any of the trolleys, so had to hold everything in a basket, while pushing the stroller and controlling a toddler.

I sent up a grateful prayer for my 2 little cherubs, and continued on. I spotted her later, in the carpark, quite close to our car. I couldn't help but smile and say "Wow, I thought I had it tough - you are doing a fantastic job!". And do you know what? She smiled back at me. A tired, frustrated, "I just need a few minutes peace" type smile... but nevertheless, she smiled. And said "Thanks".

I hope that she got as much enjoyment out of the simple exchange of sympathies over the frustrations of daily life with kids, as I did. Anyway, the challenge for this weekend is to make a Mother's Day. It doesn't have to be big, or complicated. It doesn't have to be your own mum - any mum will appreciate it! Just a word acknowledging what a great job they are doing.

Happy Mother's Day.


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