Monday, May 3, 2010

Kitchen Steps - Kettle overload

As I stood staring vacantly at the calendar that hangs in our kitchen this morning, while waiting for the kettle to boil for my wake-up cup of tea, I happened to glance down into the depths of the kettle, after filling it with water.

Eeek! Bad mistake.... it's not quite scary enough to stop me from drinking my tea. Frankly, there would have to be something swimming in it for that to happen. BUT it is enough to make me think that I cannot remember ever cleaning out our kettle. The poor thing gets used many times a day, and taken for granted.

So today the Little Step challenge is to clean out your kettle. Tip out the water, use a clean cloth and wipe out all the general gunge that is accumulating on the sides, and even the element. Then give it a good clean and polish for the outside - if you are enthusiastic, you can even wipe down the electric base part.

This is worth 1 point for the cleaning, and an extra point if you then sit down and have a celebratory cup of tea or coffee, from your shining clean kettle!

PS - isn't the duck stove-top kettle just the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen? I think it would make a great Mother's Day gift - hint hint!!


  1. Eek I just had a good look at mine! Boiling it with a bit of vinegar in the water gets rid of the calcium build up too. Just make sure you rinse well and reboil a couple of times before you use it again :)

  2. I heard boiling it with water and lemon juice cleans it as well. Love the duck kettle:)

  3. That duck kettle is cute. But I don't even have a kettle! I have a cup of orange juice to wake me up.


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