Monday, May 24, 2010

Laundry Little Step - Into the depths...

If your washing basket is anything like mine, you do a load most days, taken from the top of the basket. Do you have clothes that you can't find? Sure you had a pink top but now it is nowhere to be find? It is time to reach into the depths of the laundry basket, and empty it out.

This might seem like a very BIG little step, but believe me, the sense of satisfaction at seeing the bottom of the laundry basket will be worth it. So today's task is empty out the basket, sort it and start doing the loads. My problem usually is that delicates, woollens etc sit in the bottom for ages, because they take extra effort to wash. Well, put your woollies in to soak first, while you do a main load.

This is worth 1 point for each load of washing that you do today, and a bonus 5 points if you do manage to get to the bottom of the basket!

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