Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ups & Downs

What a morning. Naomi started swimming lessons this morning - how cute! She was very good at kicking her legs, but not sure about what was going on with anything else!

Then we went to the Community health nurse for her 6-month check up. My daughter is tiny - but no-one in our family is a Goliath. But she has slipped down to the 3rd percentile for height and 25th for weight. The nurse advised that is a 'red flag' and that I should try feeding her for longer at each feed. Oh, how to make a mummy guilty. On the upside, she said that maybe the 3 - 4 night wakes are from hunger, and feeding more during the day might start helping her sleep at night. Keeping my finger crossed on that one!

Other than that, we have the flu in our house - I am on the tail end of it, but Brad is starting to come down with a sore throat today. So far Naomi is the only healthy one of the 3 of us -- so far so good!

I have been inspired to start simplifying our house and my life. I realised that I had too many commitments for a mum and bub to handle, so have had to sadly let go my volunteer Guide leader position. But hopefully a more rested, less stressed mum will make for a happier family all round.

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