Sunday, July 22, 2007

A little milestone

Happy 6 months old to my dear Naomi - how half a year has flown by! I see tiny newborns now and remember that she was once that small ... and not so long ago!

I feel like I may just be getting a handle on this mummy thing. Maybe, just maybe, Brad and I will survive this parenting caper! Lol. Or maybe not! With the grace of God, I am sure we will.

We took Naomi to the Cairns show last Friday. She especially liked the petting zoo, and was mesmerised by the pen of little ducklings - I think she was comparing them to her rubber ducky that livens up bathtime every evening.

I am enjoying parenting so much that I am seriously considering setting up as a Family Day Care carer, for a little extra cash to come into the house. I feel like my career in marine law slides further away each day - and strangely, I am not mourning it nearly as much as I thought I would. The Lord moves in mysterious ways, and my life's path has certainly changed.... for the better.

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