Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Separation anxiety

Yes, I had it bad this morning. It was my first time apart from Naomi for more than an hour at a time. She went to stay with her Gran (my mum), this morning for 4 hours, while I volunteered a shift selling and collecting tickets on the gates at the local show (the proceeds of my time go to the Girl Guide unit).

A mad scramble this morning to express a bottle (I hardly got any yesterday), get the nappy bag packed, all of us dressed and ready, and then to drop her off to Gran, who lives half an hour away. Then get back for 8.30am shift start. I had the guilts badly yesterday - for leaving her, and for LOOKING FORWARD to leaving her for a few hours. Brad was very good last night, telling me several times that I did not need to feel guilty for having some time out from Naomi.

But you know what the good part was?? That first big smile she gave when she saw me walking in to collect her! Made it all worthwhile. And apparently it went well, although she cried a bit at first. So we have taken the first big step -- maybe next time will be a bit easier on my conscience.

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