Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cosmic humour??

The Lord works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

This week He has given us a glimpse of the start of the long-awaited tropical monsoon season, and even the possibility of our first cyclone. It has been raining on and off for several days. This is my favourite time of year in the tropics. The grass is instantly greener, the parched earth has that delicious pre-rain smell, and there is the possibility of the drought gripping our country easing even just a little bit.

However, owing to lack of a clothes dryer in the Cherished Household, I now have what Brad terms "the local laundrette" in our living area. Even this doesn't really bother me, because I love the rain so much. BUT......

This week, just for a little cosmic amusement..... our cloth-nappy wearing Naomi has developed a lovely case of baby diaorrhea....... So I have poopy nappies overflowing from the nappy bucket, nowhere to hang them to dry, and no sunshine to remove the stains! Mmmm.... this week can only get better.

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