Thursday, August 28, 2008

What happened to my life??

Who am I?? Where is the real Sasha??????

I feel like I fell pregnant and my life just collapsed around me. Let me take stock.

Motivation - nil.
Energy level - nil.
Care factor - nil. Sometimes less than nil. Negative care factor.

I just wake up, nibble my dry crackers, crawl out of bed in time to get Naomi and I breakfast and brush my hair before the first daycare children arrive. Then it is the usual ups and downs, and by the time the last one leaves I just collapse on the couch, wondering what on earth I am going to feed my own little family for dinner. It's lucky our bill paying is all forward scheduled through the internet banking, because I hadn't turned the computer on in about 3 weeks.

Trying to think positively, I have been much less nauseous this time around. With Naomi I was actually sick most days, all the way through. This time, I have felt seedy all day but only been sick a couple of times (one was the result of a particularly awful nappy!). And it seems to be receding a bit, this week, so maybe I will be better in a couple of weeks time.

But will that bring my energy back??? My motivation?? My enthusiasm for the things I was doing before?? I hope so. Because I still want to do them. I just can't think about anything that complicated now!!

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