Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still alive!

Although it feels like I have dropped out - or off the planet - for the last few months, I am now beginning to feel that I have just a small bit of control over my body and my life again. The morning sickness has almost totally receded, and aside from aching feet and being exhausted at the end of every day, I am actually now feeling pretty good again!

I have had so many ideas for posts in the past few months, that just haven't materialised into words on the screen. My mum and I went to a wonderful quilt show about 8 weeks ago, and I found the photos still on my camera the other day. I will definitely get to posting them up on here... soon! (Can't rush these things, you know!).

Anyway, in other news, there is the distinct possibility of a move in our near future - to the other end of the State. Brad's project work here in our city is wrapping up, the next project that company have lined up for him is over an hour's drive each way, up a winding mountain range, and they are not making any provision for families to move closer to the site. With work hours being 7am to 5pm, and every 3rd Saturday as well, we wouldn't see much of him - which is not a prospect I would look forward to, with the new baby due in March.

So instead he is looking seriously at other options in the south of the State, and specifically a move to our capital city (hi sis!). But we shall have to wait and see how the interviews go......

Must dash. Naomi has woken up from her unusually long nap (all of an hour!).

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