Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Sticky Beak Series Part 2 - Welcome to the house!

I like this house - it really seems to me to have a welcoming entrance.

Every home and decorating magazine I have read suggests making your entry somewhere that people don't just pass through. I like the front paved area, because it has room for a nice chair (we often sit here to wait for Daddy to come home). The timber shutters (louvres as we Aussies call them), make it feel 'warmer' and a bit different to any other house on the block. And then there is my triumphant pot of lavender (which is actually a bit too far left to have made it into this shot!).
I am sure you are too polite to even glance at the very dead pot of basil and parsley in the front right of the picture.
But inside the front door lurked a trap for unwary visitors. Enter at your own risk! The pile of shoes inside the front door was getting ridiculous. I hesitated to take a 'before' photo, in case you began to think that Sweet Hubby is akin to Imelda Marcos (was it 6000 pairs of shoes she owned??). Yes, they were mostly his (I will confess to 2 pairs).

So today we tidied them. The pairs that are rarely worn went back into our walk-in cupboard. The regularly used pairs went into this plastic tub, just inside the door. This is only a temporary measure, but at least the trip hazard has been removed, and I can now sweep the floor!

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  1. Just realised that I wasn't following your blog! I think I need a platic bucket for our trip hazards at both the front and back doors!


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