Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Little Step - A Trail of Crumbs...

Fridays are for quick and easy things, that make you start the weekend with a smile!

Do you have a trail of crumbs that leads you out of the woods, and into the kitchen? Or at least to your toaster?

Today's quick and easy Little Step challenge is to lift up your toaster... give it some loving! Pull out the crumb tray (if it has something that flash, which mine doesn't!), dust it out, and wipe the bench underneath. If you are really feeling the toaster love, then wipe it all over and say 'thanks for making breakfast easy'!

OK, that last bit might be a bit over the top.... but what the heck - is there a genie in your toaster? :-)

This is worth 1 point for the cleaning, and a bonus point if a genie really does come out of your toaster!

PS - the photo is from Yes. There really is such a website!


  1. Where's the 'Like' button? =)

  2. We don't use our toaster for breakfast, or I would clean it out. Your being on the opposite side of the world has my days (and yours) all mixed up!

  3. hehe, i was just thinking the other day that our toaster needed a clean...and then ignored it for more interesting jobs... will be sure to get onto it today!


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